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About Us

The Foundation is the charitable arm of the Santa Clara Firefighters Local 1171 labor organization. The Santa Clara Firefighters are affiliated with the I.A.F.F. (International Association of Fire Fighters).  The Foundation is a fully authorized, non-profit charitable organization501 (c)(3) that is committed to helping those in need within the city of Santa Clara, and others with special needs.

Your firefighters are deeply involved in community service. We feel truly blessed to be part of a noble profession that has a long-standing reputation for helping anyone in need. Supporting these noble causes is one way for firefighters to give back to the community. Santa Clara and its citizens show strong support for their public safety providers. This is our way of returning to the community our appreciation for that support.


Our Mission

The Mission of the Santa Clara Fire Fighters Foundation is to promote the welfare of the community by providing services and support to youth, seniors, disabled, and disaster victims.





      President                                          Treasurer

 Cameron Smith                       CJ Viso      


Director of Marketing/PR

Chris Renshaw

Director of Programs

Steve Silva

Director of fundraising

Dominic Restani